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Trending Now: Megatrends

Everywhere you look in the sustainability world, megatrends are being identified, analyzed and prioritized. PwC, for example, has spotlighted a set of megatrends that it is using to inform all of its work. Many of their peers and consultancies have done similar trend analysis.


Why this surge of interest? Perhaps the most obvious reason is that as the pace of change accelerates in technology, society, geopolitics — and even the natural world — it’s ever more important to understand the direction and drivers of that change. The current focus on disruptive innovation is also a natural fit with megatrend analysis. As organizations of all sizes embrace the idea of disruption (if not always the reality), it’s essential to understand what the disruptive forces are and how they will influence winners and losers in the marketplace.


Megatrends are also making their way into sustainability communications and reporting. Companies ranging from DSM to Bosch are articulating how megatrends are shaping their business.


At Ford Motor Company, chief futurist and megatrend guru Sheryl Connelly has been identifying consumer-related trends for years and sharing her insights publicly through a trend report book. For the Ford 2014/15 Sustainability Report, BuzzWord developed an innovative method for using megatrends to inform and “amplify” the materiality analysis used to shape the company’s sustainability strategy and reporting. The same report identifies the mobility megatrends that are guiding Ford’s thinking as it develops sustainable solutions for future global mobility.


Are megatrends a trend that will last? Most trends wax and wane, but unless the pace of change slows, identifying important changes in the world will continue to offer important insights to inform sustainability strategies and initiatives.

Smithfield launches new integrated report

Smithfield Foods today launched a new website,, that brings together a wide range of information about its ongoing efforts to be a sustainable consumer packaged goods company. Embedded in the site is the company’s integrated report, with content developed by BuzzWord. The new site replaces a corporate responsibility-only site and a corporate website (there’s also a consumer-facing site at The site is notable because it includes a range of content that updates frequently, including press releases and videos, along with the comprehensive disclosures in its integrated reports. The entire site is designed to be responsive, or useable on any size device.




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