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Is the mobile phone killing the sustainability report?

We’ve all been there. You navigate to a company’s corporate responsibility website or sustainability report and come upon an engaging landing page. Something moves, drawing you in. You scroll through key messages and stats, maybe sample some video. Then you start to click around looking for a specific piece of information. But to mix some carnivorous metaphors – where’s the beef? You find the site is all sizzle and no steak. If you’re able to find substance at all, it’s brief, breezy and not especially candid or strategic.


What happened? A May-December romance between a new technology trend of fluid design (or the ability of a website to be viewed on phone, tablet or laptop) coupled with the age-old tendency of organizations toward opacity and obfuscation. Mate the two and you can end up with fluffy little communications that multiply like Tribbles.


It doesn’t have to be that way. A number of organizations have cracked the code and provided corporate responsibility and sustainability communications that work well on any device without sacrificing transparency and comprehensive disclosure.


The Ford sustainability report, which aside from an eight-page PDF summary is all online and all responsive, provides engaging top-level messages on material issues while also allowing users to drill down to details and data . Nike’s sustainable business website, designed to appeal to consumers as well as sustainability specialists, offers multiple ways to engage with key messages and data and points power users to a PDF report that offers a comprehensive look at progress against their targets.


It is possible to have your beef and eat it too.




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