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Novelis Continues its Sustainability Reporting Leadership

Atlanta-based Novelis is the global leader in aluminum flat rolled products, which are used in beverage cans, license plates, aircraft skins and more. Novelis is also the world’s largest recycler of aluminum. With a bold vision to reduce the embedded carbon in its products by dramatically increasing its use of recycled content, Novelis is recognized as a sustainability leader. The company is also an award-winning sustainability reporter – it released its fourth annual sustainability report in December 2015 – and BuzzWord has provided Novelis reporting strategy and content development assistance every step of the way.


The development of Novelis’ 2015 sustainability report took place amidst a transition point in the company’s sustainability journey. After a few years in which Novelis rapidly expanded its operations and laid out a ground-breaking sustainability vision, market headwinds and a change in the company’s leadership meant that 2015 brought a refocusing of priorities toward operational efficiency and executing on its investments. The challenge for the 2015 sustainability report, then, was to clearly convey the company’s strong progress and ongoing commitment to sustainability, while also transparently communicating its refocusing of priorities and expectations about a likely moderated pace of progress in the near term. The resulting GRI G4 Comprehensive report does just that.





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