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Putting a Spotlight on Progress

After years of research and development, Keurig Green Mountain recently reached an important milestone. To meet its 2020 sustainability targets and address consumer concerns, Keurig announced the introduction of recyclable K-Cup® pods this spring. The Keurig sustainability report was an important part of the launch, chronicling the company’s journey, which included tests to learn more about what happens to K-Cup® pods in the recycling stream. Armed with this knowledge, Keurig began transitioning its manufacturing facilities to bring the first recyclable K-Cup® pods to market in June of 2016.


The company also made exciting progress toward its goal of balancing 100% of the water used in all its beverages through projects that give back an equal volume of water to people and nature. Based on the K-Cup® pod sales volume for 2015, the company has balanced nearly 80% of the water used in its beverages through a funding partnership with Raise the River, a coalition of organizations working to restore the Colorado River Delta.


To tell the story of the company’s continuing sustainability journey, BuzzWord crafted a suite of communications, including a full PDF report, a summary brochure and updates to the company’s sustainability webpages. Designed in partnership with Celery Design Collaborative, the report and brochure used friendly graphics, simple animation and warm imagery of employees, farmers and partners.

JPMorgan Chase Takes a Two-Report Approach to Better Meet Stakeholders’ Needs

Like many companies, JPMorgan Chase has a broad set of stakeholders interested in information about the company’s corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts. And, like many companies, JPMorgan Chase has duly issued an annual Corporate Responsibility Report – with BuzzWord’s assistance since 2012 – to provide stakeholders with the information and data they were seeking.


For the 2015 reporting cycle, however, JPMorgan Chase and BuzzWord decided to take a slightly different tack. Recognizing that the company’s varied stakeholders have distinct information needs, we tailored an approach to better meet those differing needs. Rather than an “all things to all stakeholders” approach, the company issued two reports: JPMorgan Chase’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report, which uses a lively, magazine-style format to focus on the company’s philanthropic initiatives to expand access to opportunity in communities around the world. And its 2015 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report – a GRI G4 Core report – which provides clear, concise information on the ESG issues JPMorgan Chase views as among the most important to its business and how it is addressing them.


This two-report approach allowed JPMorgan Chase to better target the content for each report – enabling the company to more clearly communicate its core messages and its stakeholders to more easily access the information they want.




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