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Kellogg’s CR Report Includes Bold New Goals

Earlier this month, Kellogg Company published its ninth annual Corporate Responsibility Report, which includes an ambitious set of new targets to help combat climate change. BuzzWord has worked with Kellogg from the beginning, helping it develop and update its reporting strategy and report content every year since 2007. While the company has long had goals aimed at reducing its own environmental impacts – including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy, water and waste – the new targets outlined in this latest report reach into the supply chain and are even more robust and science-based than previous years. Specifically, Kellogg has pledged to reduce GHGs from its own facilities by 65 percent by 2050, and to work with direct suppliers to help reduce their emissions by 50 percent during that same timeframe. These targets were first announced at the climate talks in Paris in December 2015.


Kellogg has also pledged to remove artificial colors and flavors from Kellogg’s® branded cereals, a variety of Kellogg’s® branded snack bars and Eggo® frozen foods by the end of 2018. Worldwide, the company expects to change approximately 80 product recipes. Already in North America, 75 percent of the company’s cereals are made without artificial colors and more than half are made without artificial flavors.


Of course, Kellogg’s report covers recent accomplishments as well as forward-looking commitments. Their achievements include the following:


  • A 62 percent decrease in waste to landfill (per metric ton of food produced) since 2005
  • Steady reductions in sodium and sugar in its existing food portfolio
  • Programs to improve farmer livelihoods and crop sustainability are reaching about 8,000 smallholder farmers to date, including approximately 3,000 women
  • The donation of 1.4 billion servings of food to children and families around the world since 2013, through the company’s signature Breakfasts for Better Days® hunger-relief program
  • A Board of Directors that includes eight men and six women – one of the most diverse in corporate America


Kellogg’s Corporate Responsibility Report addresses these and other topics in its four “pillar” areas of marketplace, workplace, community and environment, plus the critical cross-cutting issue of responsible sourcing. Read the full report here.




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