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Smithfield Foods Increases Engagement with Phased Release Approach

Smithfield Foods is a longstanding BuzzWord client that never stands still. And when it comes to sustainability reporting, the company consistently looks for ways to push the envelope.


This summer, Smithfield released its annual integrated sustainability report in phases over a period of nearly two months. The goal? To engage more deeply with stakeholders on a variety of topics and showcase each section of its sustainability program in manageable pieces. The complete report, which was posted in August, was in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines (although Smithfield reported on many indicators beyond the core requirements).


Smithfield’s latest report includes a new feature designed to further increase the company’s transparency. The food ingredient glossary – the first of its kind by a pork processing company – lists and describes ingredients used in products across the company’s brands. Although the primary ingredient in Smithfield products is pork, the glossary includes nearly 100 additional ingredients used.


The report tracks the company’s progress on its sustainability commitments, including its industry-leading pledge to convert all company-owned farms to group housing systems for pregnant sows. At the end of 2015, Smithfield was more than 81% of the way toward its 2017 completion goal.


In addition, the report highlights the company’s recent “One Smithfield” initiative, which centralized the organization and is reaping efficiencies across the company, particularly in areas of transportation and procurement. And it features the company’s innovative partnerships in its agricultural supply chain with a leading national environmental organization, which together with Smithfield is collaborating on ways to reduce fertilizer loss from farms.


Read the full report here.




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