Calvert Group, Ltd.

Challenge: Help Calvert Group “walk the talk” by developing comprehensive, high-quality sustainability reporting.

BuzzWord Solution: Calvert Group Limited is a small (200 person) firm with outsize sustainability influence due to its socially responsible investment approach and advocacy.

For the 2006/07 report, BuzzWord helped CGL analyze and articulate the nature of its sustainability impacts, influence, and performance. Buzzword also carried out a materiality analysis to guide the report content and helped CGL achieve a GRI-checked A application level.

External Recognition:

  • Report short-listed for Ceres-ACCA award for small and medium sized organization reporting

Global Reporting Initiative Status:

  • 2006/07 GRI-checked G3 A-level, including use of Financial Services Sector Supplement



  • Reporting strategy
  • GRI analysis
  • Materiality analysis
  • Report content review and advice

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