Kellogg Company

Challenge: For the better part of a decade, BuzzWord has been charged with developing Kellogg’s corporate responsibility (CR) reporting strategy and evolving it over time to maintain a competitive position in the industry. 

BuzzWord Solution: BuzzWord has helped Kellogg focus its reporting around the issues the company deemed most material to its industry and to society while meeting the demands of GRI reporting. From first articulating the company’s CR strategy in 2008 to communicating its bold climate targets in its most recent 2015 report, BuzzWord has been with Kellogg every step of the way. In recent years, Kellogg has alternated its reporting to release full GRI reports followed by summary reports on an every-other-year schedule. BuzzWord also tells the company’s diversity and inclusion story through annual reports on this topic, beginning with the 2012/2013 report.

GRI Status:

  • 2014 GRI-checked G3 B
  • 2015 summary report


  • Reporting strategy
  • Content development
  • GRI analysis

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