National Environmental Education Foundation

Challenge: The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) believes that the 120 million private sector employees in the United States can play a critical role in achieving workplace sustainability goals when they are actively engaged. Yet many companies struggle to create meaningful sustainability-focused employee engagement programs and to measure the impact of those programs in ways that demonstrate their value and resonate with decision makers.

BuzzWord Solution: BuzzWord provided support to NEEF to develop a Business and Environment Program. A recent report, “Winning in the Marketplace and Workplace by Engaging Employees in Sustainability,” is part of a larger effort by NEEF to address this challenge. In collaboration with NEEF, BuzzWord convened corporate thought leaders to share best practices and create and pilot-test a survey to measure the top drivers of sustainability engagement, as well as its relationship to employee engagement as traditionally defined by HR departments.

The report, which was launched on Greenbiz and presented at the the Sustainable Brands New Metrics conference, is an important addition to knowledge about how sustainability engagement supports employee engagement classically defined – and how to demonstrate the link.


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