Challenge: Atlanta-based Novelis is the global leader in aluminum flat rolled products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminum. Within a few years of laying out its bold strategy to reduce the embedded carbon in its products by dramatically increasing its use of recycled content, Novelis had significantly expanded its operations and shifted its portfolio. However, market headwinds and a change in the company’s leadership meant that 2015 brought a refocusing of priorities toward operational efficiency and executing on its investments. Novelis sought a partner that could help the company articulate its strategy – and its evolution over time – progress, and performance to customers, employees and others.

BuzzWord Solution: BuzzWord has developed the content for each of Novelis’ five annual sustainability reports – from its inaugural 2011 report, which laid out for the first time the company’s groundbreaking vision, to its 2015 report which clearly conveyed the company’s strong progress and ongoing commitment to sustainability, while also transparently communicating its refocusing of priorities and expectations about a likely moderated pace of progress in the near term. BuzzWord also adapted the report content for use on the web and developed the content for annual employee-facing summaries, as well as reports for stakeholders of Novelis’ Brazil operations. 

External Recognition:

GRI Status:

  • 2015 report GRI G4 Comprehensive
  • 2014 report GRI G4 Comprehensive
  • 2013 report GRI-checked G3.1 A
  • 2012 report GRI-checked G3.1 A
  • 2011 report GRI-checked G3.1 B


  • Reporting strategy
  • Content development
  • GRI analysis

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