The Coca-Cola Company

Challenge: The Coca-Cola Company sought to reinvent its reporting approach to combine two high-level reports – the Sustainability Review and the Annual Review — into an engaging, strategic, substantive report to serve a broad range of stakeholders, including investors.

BW solution: Working with creative partner Ideas on Purpose (IOP), BuzzWord developed a plan for the report that would provide key information on complex issues in an accessible, attractive format. The report provides a candid look at The Coca-Cola Company’s progress on its sustainability goals, including how it is working to implement a more circular model for plastic waste and reduce sugar across its beverage portfolio. The BuzzWord-IOP team also created information that helps to put the company’s progress and performance in context, including a system diagram, discussion of key risks and opportunities, mapping to targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and data visualizations.

To provide a resource for the number crunchers among us, the Business and Sustainability Review includes, for the first time, a comprehensive data appendix.


  • Global Reporting Initiative Standards in accordance: Core
  • UN Global Compact Communication on Progress
  • Mapping/indexing to UN Sustainable Development Goals, UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework


  • Reporting strategy
  • Content development
  • GRI/other frameworks consultancy

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