Our team can help you make sense of your CR data, identify priorities and guide your reporting.

Our experienced analysts provide insights into material issues and other strategic and tactical issues.

GRI Gap Analysis

Whether tackling GRI reporting for the first time or moving from one version or level to another, BuzzWord’s clients have turned to our expert team for advice and assistance.  We have a deep understanding of the theory and practice of GRI reporting.  BuzzWord has developed proprietary tools for migrating reporters to the GRI Standards and we are helping our clients make the transition. We have helped prepare 70+ GRI-based reports, more than any other U.S.-based consultancy.

Competitive Analysis

What does it take to be a sustainability leader? Where do you stand relative to others in your sector? We benchmark competitors’ and leading companies’ sustainability work and reports, so you understand where you stand and can learn from their experience.

Ratings and Rankings

More than 100 organizations evaluate, rank or rate companies on their sustainability and corporate responsibility performance. Which ratings matter and how do they arrive at a score? We help navigate the maze of evaluators and develop a response strategy that makes sense for your company.


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