Engaging stakeholders – both external and internal — is an important part of every successful sustainability strategy.

Employee Engagement

A vast body of knowledge confirms that engaging employees is literally make or break for organizations of all kinds. Over the past 10+ years, companies have begun to harness the potential of engaging employees in their corporate responsibility strategies to help meet the company’s goals and provide a more compelling experience for the employee.

BuzzWord has worked for several years with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) to convene thought leaders and identify and promote best practices in the rapidly evolving field. Most recently, we co-authored a report that demonstrates the link between engaging employees in sustainability and traditional measures of employee engagement. With the benefit of insights from this work, we can help you plan and implement employee engagement strategies and communications.

External Stakeholders

External stakeholder engagement is important to understanding a company’s risks and opportunities, identifying material issues, informing your strategy and gaining insight into emerging issues. We help our clients engage with stakeholders to ensure that their strategy and communications are informed by stakeholders’ perspectives and needs.

Along the Value Chain

Companies increasingly are held accountable for sustainability performance in their value/supply chains. Retail and B2B customers have become savvier and more knowledgeable about environmental and social issues in their suppliers’ value chains. Several of our clients, including Nike and Ford, have been leaders in addressing and disclosing supply chain performance. We can help develop an approach to disclosure and communication that meets the needs of your customers, and helps drive performance in all stages of your value chain.

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