Ideally, developing a corporate responsibility or sustainability strategy is the first step for companies seeking to understand how to create value that meets social and environmental goals as well as financial ones. In practice, however, strategies sometimes emerge from a materiality analysis or reporting process and develop over a period of years.

The most successful sustainability strategies are integrated with the company’s business processes and culture, address its most important issues, establish vision and direction, set inspirational but achievable goals and specify targets and indicators.

We use a tailored approach to working with companies on their strategy journey, providing services including:

+ Materiality analysis
+ Competitive assessment
+ Development of communications platforms
+ Assistance in setting goals and identifying key performance indicators

Reporting Strategy

The reporting landscape is more complex than ever, and organizations are faced with an array of questions: should you use the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines? How are the UN Sustainable Development Goals influencing reporting strategy? Should you consider Integrated Reporting? Are you a UN Global Compact signatory and what are your reporting obligations and opportunities? How can U.S. companies use the tools developed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board? How do other reporting channels, (e.g. Carbon Disclosure Project) relate? And, most importantly, how can you leverage your investment in reporting to connect with key stakeholders, including employees and investors?

To help our clients choose the best approach, we go back to basics: what are your objectives for reporting? Who are your key audiences and how do they access information? What are your competitors doing? What can you learn from emerging best practice? Using tools developed and refined by BuzzWord, we analyze your unique opportunities and craft short- and long-term reporting strategies to meet your disclosure and communication needs.

Through this process, we have helped clients develop award-winning reports and strategies that use  a suite of communications to engage and inspire diverse audiences.

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